What is a Server? A server is a servant of God who assists in serving the community meal (the Eucharist). A server serves the people of God by representing all members of the congregation gathered together to share in the Eucharist.  He or she also serves the Priest by assisting at the altar.  It is a special honour to be called to serve at the altar and there are certain responsibilities attached to this honour.  A server is a Christian whose sincerity, humility and dependability fit him or her to serve at the altar of God. What Do Servers Do? Servers assist the clergy at the Holy Eucharist and other services of worship. They should perform their duties with reverence, skill and concerned commitment, and be an example for others in the congregation. They will be faithful in their attendance at worship. While there are other people who serve in our worship services, the positions that are a part of this “Server Ministry” group are:
  • Crucifer: Carries the Cross at specified times in the worship service.
  • Acolytes: Carry the candles (pavement candles/torches). The word “acolyte” means “assistant”.
  • Book Bearer: The person who carries the Gospel Book at specified times in the worship service.
  • Communion Server: Assists the clergy with the preparation of the altar at the time of the Eucharist.
If you are interested in becoming a Server, please speak to Joycelyn Williams or Rev’d Karen+