This Ministry at St. Margaret-in-the-Pines Anglican Church uses the combined services of our clergy and members to provide pastoral care to our members who are not able to attend our weekly services and church events.  The Pastoral Care team makes visits to the homes, residences, retirement or assisted living communities and hospitals to share information about our church activities, administer communion, read the scriptures, pray, share in the ministry of healing and listen to our members who are shut-in or ill.  The Pastoral Care Ministry shares God’s love with those who suffer in mind, body and spirit. This ministry provides timely, respectful, compassionate care to those in need by meeting people where they are (spiritually) and by using God’s word and prayer to comfort and provide encouragement in challenging times. Licensed members of the team are authorized to make scheduled visits to homes, hospitals and nursing homes to administer Holy Communication to members who are shut-in. If you would like information about this ministry, please speak with Allana Sullivan.